Training around injuries.


I’ve been guilty of this and I’ve also seen others do the same. Often times when you get injured whether it be from a sprain to breaks it’s easy to stop movement completely. Although this is great in order to heal sometimes it’s not the most efficient way to progress in your training. Think about it, when you stop moving you’re not getting any better… So why stop? Now I’m not saying to train on your injuries because that is not a smart way and can lead to creating bigger injuries that won’t heal properly, but what I’m saying is you should find your weaknesses or move differently than you would usually.


If you have a sprained ankle or tendentious that’s keeping you from jumping one thing you can do is work on your upper body. In training we jump so much we often neglect our lower bodies. I would utilize that time to working on muscle-ups, handstand, planches, core, climb-ups, etc… In my opinion climb-ups are something that can always be improved on and it’s usually outweighed by the fact as parkour/freerunning athletes we jump more.

If you have a upper body injury then usually I’d work on precisions, and foot placement drills. As athletes we are on our feet a lot and properly working on landings can save us from a twisted ankle, strained ligaments, etc…


Again I can’t stress enough that we should not train on injuries, but we should train around injuries. There is always something you can improve on and if you take advantage of every opportunity to get better you will progress no matter injuries you pick up along the way.


Train hard, be safe.

-D’Ondrai Jones