Top 5 Ways to Progress Quickly in Parkour/Freerunning

With the sport growing at a crazy pace we are going to see a lot of newcomers come up to the plate wanting to try. With that said, often times though parkour/freerunning may seem exciting and exhilarating it can be a challenge to do. If you’re not a talented, natural born athlete it can be discouraging when you start to realize how difficult it is to progress at the sport. Many times people quit and fall short because they fail to do these few fundamental principals that will easily progress their training. If you can relate to this post then sit tight and take notes. I’m going to give you the top 5 ways to progress quickly in parkour/freerunning.


1. Have fun!


Now this may seem like a vague basic concept, but the benefits of having fun in training makes a ton of difference in progression. See, with fun comes happiness and positivity. Studies have shown that having fun while doing something allows you to retain more information and learn at a quicker pace. You become more interested in what you are doing and you progress at a faster pace. If you are frustrated or upset it’s harder to stay motivated, give more energy, and learn new challenges. So next time you are out training remind yourself that no matter what happens you’ll maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the movement. Besides, having fun was the reason we do this in the first place!


2. Find a training partner.


Get your friends into the sport! Especially if you are just starting out. As a group you can learn movements together and give each other motivation. Also your friends can push you in areas you’re weak in and provide support during difficult times in training. Also on days you don’t exactly feel like training they can hold you accountable to still go out and work on something. This will allow you to always be progressing in some area of your parkour/freerunning journey.


3. Watch inspiring videos.


A great way to get pump is to watch videos of other people training. This will give you new ideas, encouragement, as well as motivation. Seeing someone that’s more experienced can be a way to keep on training when it’s difficult to motivate yourself to go out. Know that with more practice and dedication you can grow to the level of the elite athletes you are watching.


4. Research.

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See something you want to be able to do? Then look up some tutorials on it! That’s what your doing now if you’ve read this far I assume. Digest as much information as you can on techniques, philosophies, vaults, flips, etc. Knowledge is power and key to anything in life including this sport. Everything you learn you can apply to your training thereby making you a better athlete. So… Why not?


5. Go out and train.


In the end, even with these principals in mind it’ll come down to how you apply it in training. There’s absolutely no way around practice. You’ll never get good at anything without dedicating time, energy, and effort into it. If it was just easy everyone would do it. Please do realize that the only thing that separates you from anyone you aspire to become is the amount of time they have spent working toward it. So what are you waiting for? Lace up those trainers, get out, and train!!!


Until next time. Train hard, be safe.

-D’Ondrai Jones