Small Progressions In Parkour Training

“Small progressions consistently over time become huge leaps.”

This is the current mind-state I’ve been in for a while now. When I look around my community specifically I see individuals looking for the next big trick, the next big jump, or the following milestone movement that’ll propel their parkour training further. Through this time of observation I’ve seen a lot of injuries occurring through bad form from the rush of the pursuit.

From the regular occurrence of these observation I can only assume others are following the same path themselves. I myself have been guilty of the same motives. The more I train parkour, the higher the risk becomes as I progress, but I constantly strive to change my mindset. Feeling the need to perform at a high level is ultimately reckless. My mental and physical gain has been solely to preserve my body for longevity while still pursuing my potential.

As I close I want to address a solution to both becoming the “strongest version of yourself” all while remaining injury free. I believe starting with small progression steps over time will become seemingly huge bounds in training performance over time. There is no rush being the level of athlete you strive to be. The risk of rushing and harming yourself can push you back further than if you were to slowly progress through little victories. Pretty soon that strong foundation will save you time in the future.