Muscle Up WORKOUT!!!

Hey guys,

I want to keep this short and sweet so as promised here is a workout you can do to achieve the muscle up, gain muscle strength, as well as size.

Aim to do this workout 3 times a week. I suggest Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Good luck!


3 Sets X 10 Reps Explosive Pull up

If you are unable to do 10 in a row feel free to take breaks in-between.







3 Sets X 15 Reps Bar Dips

Image10 Image9







3 Sets X 10 Muscle Up Negatives

Jump to assist you on top of the bar. Then slowly lower yourself down.

Image3 Image4 Image5












3 Sets X 10 Muscle Up Assists

Jump to assist yourself into the muscle up. Aim to use less and less power to lower yourself to the ground.

Image8 Image7 Image6