Movement with intention.

What’s your level of awareness when your training?

I want you to stop and think for a second. When you go out and train, workout, improve in your craft are you aware of your movements or do you just, “Go through the motions”.

I know even for myself, I find that when I’m training I simply move and not staying conscience of the techniques I’m doing. The reason I’m doing this article is because to become more self-aware in your movement will drastically change how quickly you progress and how effective your time spent training can be.


I’ve been helping a local newcomer to freerunning learn his front flip. Naturally he is having a difficult time improving the flip and he constantly lands low or on his bottom. After a week of continually  instructing him the reasoning for his low front I got an idea…

Me: “Hey, what do you think about while you are flipping.”

Him: “Nothing really, kinda just go for it and hope for the best.”

Me: “Ok… This time when you jump I want you to think only about one thing… Your tuck. You’re jump punch is great, your set is great, you just lack a tighter tuck to make that rotation faster. Remember, go this time constantly repeating tuck in your head.”

Immediately he improved the next flip. In fact he over rotated and almost fell from the powerful momentum his new tuck gave him.

After that session I understood clearly. You can’t improve until you make yourself aware of what you are trying to improve. Just like my friend we always get knocked out of that state of awareness, once that happens all the advice in the world can’t help us. 


Next time you are out trying something new or something old that you are wishing to make better, be sure you are actually taking mental notes of how you perform the move. Through the constant habit of doing so can we then make movements effortless and thoughtless because of corrective practice and muscle memory.




Keep moving, keep progressing!

-D’Ondrai Jones