How to create great training videos!

One of the best things about training is showing others your progression through videos. With social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube it’s easy to share your movement online for many people to see. With that being said, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me what should be done to create a video that’s visually fun to watch. Not only that, but also cheap on budget. We don’t all have the money to buy the best camera, lenses, drones, etc, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a video that shows off our progression while still being cool to look at.

I’m here to give you 3 steps you can do to make your videos fire!

1. Flow lines VS One liners
It’s easy to just do a jump, cut it, and create a video using several simple one jump movements. However what’s the fun in that? In a video you have a chance of linking many different movements together in a line. This makes the video both longer and more appealing to the eye. I have a golden rule and its that you should have 70% flow lines and 30% single one line movements. Follow this rule yourself and see tons of improvement on your pkvids.

As for one liner style movements such as one precision, or a simple gap jump make sure it’s your best stuff only. Since it’s the only thing your doing for that clip it’s important it graps the audience and showcases your skills positively.

2. Angles, angles, angles
It’s so easy to throw in a flat, stationary angle, but what does that have to offer visually? I can’t begin to express the importance of being creative when filming yourself through varies camera positions and movement. This is where having a friend willing to help shoot helps out a ton. He/she can move the camera as you traverse through the environment to make watching dynamic. However, if all you have is a tripod you can make it work with setting up different angles through the line to create a seamless translation through the clips.

3. Don’t be afraid to express your style.
The ability to make your own videos is great because in the end you have the freedom to be yourself. Don’t try to force yourself to be something your not. Also making yourself throw jumps and flips your not ready for just to get more views isn’t worth it. You can make a great sampler or showreel staying well within your abilities. Nobody want so see a person clearly performing out of there comfort zone. Everything in your video should be precise and exicuded with great form. That’s what we want to see!


Until next time.

-D’Ondrai Jones