How old is too old?

Am I too old to start training?

This is a question I get asked a lot. We have guys that wish they would have discovered this sooner, but it happens they are in their 30s or 40s and they feel their time has passed.  It’s difficult to instill inspiration in a person that feels they are already defeated, but I’m here to tell anyone that feels this way that you can still train no matter what age. If you feel age is a deciding factor in your ability to move then you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to inline your body with your mind and get active. Point blank. Period.

What are some obstacles I’ll face being older and jumping into training? How do I overcome this obstacle?

There’s no doubt age does effect your training. It may take longer to warm up, moves can’t be learned as easily, and the recovery process of a hard day of training can take days to bounce back from. This though is no excuse to no try at all. Like anything in life it’s important you start slow and take even more time working on your fundamentals. Really discipline yourself to learn the basics. Often times we are eager to perform at a level we are not ready for. Though a firm grasp on the foundation of parkour/freerunning can be found through all the advance movements. So take your time to learn them.

I’m too old and my joints don’t feel the same as they once did.

Starting at a older age doesn’t mean your joints should be bad either. What it means is that you need to put your body in a state of repair. Stretching, exercise, and healthy eating is a vital part of keeping your body pain free and able to move without restriction. Not only that, but doing this will prevent you from injuring your body in the future. Having a strong body is essential to the longevity of your training career and life in general. Take it seriously.

My personal experience.


Every weekend I help teach a open parkour class at a local park in my area. To my surprise it’s not the young people that show the most dedication and effort. It’s the older. There is an advantage to being up in age and starting parkour/freerunning. Kids often don’t have the patience to learn the fundamentals and often get hurt because of it. Being older I feel there’s less room for error because you have to take special attention to your body and correcting improper training practices. Every weekend I teach people that range from 30s-60s that are progressing every weekend and eager to learn more. Not only should this be a inspiration to others around those age groups, but also to the younger people by showing an example. An example that no matter what age you are with the right amount of work you can achieve anything. At any age and even as we get older by number it’s important we continue to keep our bodies active and engaged. After all, being older doesn’t mean you have to feel that way.

Train hard, be safe.