FRUSTRATED From Lack Of Progression?

Are you progressing?

How often do you actually go train and go back home knowing you’ve progressed? Do you ever think about your training and see improvements every time you practice? How often do you find something that scares you and push yourself to try it?

One of the worst things you can do when training is go out and repeat the same usual routine because it’s comfortable. You know this, but if you don’t take the time to think about what you are doing when you train it’s easy to do the repeat the same routine and not notice. Comfortability sneaks up on us at the most unexpected times. If not caught, you can go home with a heavy sweat from freerunning, but not actually do anything towards advancement.

If you’ve realized you can relate it’s ok because you are not alone.

Early into my training years until now I’ve struggled with the issue of comfortability. I would train everyday, all day and never get that sense of achievement. I felt I was wasting my time with practice all together. This feeling caused me to stop training as much and becoming bored quickly whenever I did. I would find obstacles I was scared to do and skip them because I hadn’t exercised my ‘fear muscle’ causing me to lose confidence.

Progressing was impossible for me. Until I figured out the solution!

However, it wasn’t until I discovered the importance of setting goals for myself that I began to move forward again in my training. I’ve always heard that setting goals was a valuable resource, but after trying I gave up from lack of results. My problem wasn’t setting goals, but it was execution. Action. I needed a method of setting goals and actually achieving it. Achievement was what I was really missing in my training.

How to set goals and complete them.

Get out a sheet of paper right now. I’m going to explain exactly what I do to learn everything I want to. With this method you’ll be able to get your techniques, moves, flips, whatever you want. Do you have your paper? Good. Here we go:

  • Write out your goals.

Write out what you wish to achieve. By the way, make those goals HUGE! If you believe, you can do it! So literally anything you wish to learn and master write it down.

  • Figure out the progression steps.

You need to study what it takes to accomplish whatever you want. Figure out the baby steps and the beginning routines to practice. Start small with ground level techniques and principals, from there gradually build up on those moves with more difficult ones. This is important because if you do this you’ll always be working towards a goal. Which is TRUE progression.

  • Execute those steps!

Every time you go out and train do whatever you want, but remember to set time aside to work on your goal sheet. Constantly work on all the steps you have listed until they become second nature to you.

  • Watch clips, tutorials, and pictures of people performing the end goal.

Flood you mind with images of people performing what you wish to learn. This is important because the more you think about your goals, the more likely you will accomplish those goals. Remember that with thought comes action and with action you gain results!

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