Finding the time to train Parkour.


“I don’t have enough time to train today.”

Life gets busy. Maybe you have a job, school, or other responsibilities and it’s difficult to put “enough” effort into your training to advance in Parkour. If there’s one thing I’ve learned walking down that same path is to use my extra time I have to work on my skills. Even when it’s crazy difficult at the time.

I heard a statement speaking with a close friend of mine. I often look up to him as a mentor due to his success, despite needing to balance so much. When I questioned him if working so many jobs at once is hard he responded, “I don’t see balancing so many activities as being hard. I either do it or I don’t.”

Crazy how a response so simple resonated with me. I found he was right. Either you choose to do what you must or you don’t. There’s always time to work on training. Whether it’s 1-2 hours or just 15 minutes of practice. It doesn’t matter. What counts is how you utilize that moment. The body and mind are more adapted to learning in moments of intensely focused training. With an untether mind and discipline you can take a measly 15-30 minutes and have the most progressive session ever. Everyone has 15-30 minutes in their day. Often it’s discouraging and easy to think, “No way I can have a beneficial training session”. This is not true and changing our mindset to effectively utilize our time no matter how long can be progressive.

We just have to remain focused.

Train hard, be safe.
D’Ondrai Jones