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About D'Ondrai Jones




Here a little bit about myself. I started parkour/freerunning back in August 2005 after watching the 'Jump Britain' documentary that aired on American Television. Instantly I was hooked. I had always been the kid you'd find climbing trees and jumping down staircases, but in my early teen years I slowed down due to discouragement from friends, family, etc.

But as soon as I saw the documentary it gave me encouragement to go out and continue once more. See with what I was doing actually having a name behind the antics it would keep my family at bay from stopping me. It also felt nice that I wasn't alone and that more people felt enjoyment partaking in the same activities I did.

I feel believe the idea of playing and active lifestyles is something that's greatly lacking in this world. Often times people get so caught up in video games, tv, and the internet that we forget what really matters. We lose sight of the adventure and awe of the world and I felt freerunning opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Immediately I began searching the internet on every video I could find on this new sport that entered my life. I quickly became madly obsessed with movement. Only problem was that with the sport being so new to the world it was difficult to pinpoint helpful tutorials that could teach me the basics. I found myself learning from a 'monkey see monkey do' attitude which as you imagine resulted in years of hassle and frustration.

I know learning parkour and freerunning can be hard especially when there is no one around to help you start. Even these days with the sport growing and being able to find tons of resources online that can help you it's stuff. The other tutorials I've seen around are usually very vague and not personal at all. You can't learn from just having a few progression steps... It's not a great tutorial if you can't contact the instructor personally to help fix your problem areas...


This is what I aim to change. Here.

-D'Ondrai Jones