Am I the only one who keeps a training journal?

This is a follow up to the last blog post I wrote: setting goals and execution.


I’m not sure if I’m the only one that actually utilizes the tool of a journal to track my progress when I’m training. When we’re busy on the grind to climb in freerunning it can be difficult to notice progression sometimes unless its pointed out to us. Also, I noticed I’m sometimes cluttered with thoughts on which moves I want to practice when I train. Parkour and freerunning has a multitude of different movements and techniques and I know it’s impossible to master ALL there is to learn in this sport. However that doesn’t stop me from trying. I strongly believe in keeping a notebook with marks of progress and goals to keep my progression consistent and my motivation high.

I can list a ton of different reasons why I love keeping a journal, but I’m going to just talk about the most important reasons.

Tracking my goals.

As stated before I love to write down my goals. This is more of a mental thing because I feel when I write it down I’m closer to actually achieving the desire. It’s the first moment where a thought of learning something crosses between my mind into the tangible real world through paper. From that moment I’m constantly reminded of the goal because I read through my journal regularly causing me to consistently strive towards that skill.

Addressing weaknesses.

It’s hard for me to accept that I’m not the best at everything and my body moves differently than others. Sometimes I see a jump someone can do effortlessly and think to myself, “I wish I could do that jump just as easily as he/she did it.” Whenever I have one of those moments I immediately write it down. It’s very similar to goals, but it’s more personal than that. My goals are usual massive in size and it takes a lot more time and attention to achieve. My weaknesses are just small problem areas I lack that I need to remind myself to drill. Example: My current weakness reminder is to remember to always strive to stick everything I jump to, because I lack consistency in my precision sticks as I would want.  As I said it’s small little tips I give myself to remember the techniques I want to perfect.

Strength and conditioning gains.

I lift weights and condition my body regularly so it’s important I carefully track my gains in my lifts so I don’t forget. It also helps me notices problem areas such as my left leg being weaker than my right and so on. This note helps me work on my body so that all my muscles are in top shape for training. I also keep track of flexibility gains and mobility issues I encounter along the way.

Record of achievement.

As I said before often times we don’t notice our progress until it’s pointed out. This is especially so when we train constantly and are focused on improvement. There are moments on the training grind I get discouraged and feel I’m not making any progress. However when I feel this way I open my journal and look back at all the past goals I accomplished. This is what puts that confidence back in my training. That realization that I really did come from the bottom and I’ve grown so much in my training.

That’s what motivates me to keep going.









Train hard, be safe.

-D’Ondrai Jones

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